I lost a lot last year. Everybody died. And now, I feel alone (not always lonely) wading through this life. I want to rebuild my life and populate it with better choices, bigger hearts, softer landings. I was just talking to a friend about people that we can be alone with, alongside. Aren’t they the best? And so crucial to a healing, loving, growth. So yea, I want that. I want someone with whom I can be alone w/ on a Sunday evening spent at home. Someone with whom I can feel quiet next to after a long brain zapping day at work. Someone who gets what I do (and also what I love to do / not always the same). Someone who understands my fears and neuroses. And can match my humor. Someone who will catch my eye from across the room; someone I can claim. Someone I can remove my mask around. I want someone who sees my value and values my shortcomings. I want someone who will show up for me. Someone I can show up for—. I’m building home base everyday; my own ground to stand on. I want someone who is doing the same. We’ll build a bridge, meet in the middle, where love, loving, the need to be loved and seen, isn’t anything to hide or be ashamed of—.

(Christine, maybe it’s time to get a dog)