I've joined The Rumpus as Assistant Features Editor!

I'm honored and humbled to announce that I've joined The Rumpus as Assistant Features Editor. YEEP!!

I wanted to encourage y'all to submit your work! In particular, would love to see even more Femme & QTPOC Voices amplified far & wide!

I'll also be working with The Rumpus' ENOUGH column, now open to submissions. Women of Color, please share your #MeToo stories.

I know that in my family, we've held our tongues, woman after woman & daughter after daughter for so so long.

I know that our bones are etched with all that we could not say; stories that need to be told. Because ENOUGH! Because #MeToo! Because #NeverAgain! Because we are writers and words offer salve to all that cannot be smoothed over: the bumps and ridges— all that is marrow deep.

My community, my mentors, Voices of Our Nations Arts Foundation - VONA, Kearny Street Workshop, Quiet Lightning, Nomadic Press, Winter Tangerine & my creative cohorts and family have helped me find the courage, the inspiration, the craft, the words.

I know you feel the same. & I hope you'll share your words (all words, not just ENOUGH), your salve, with us. We can heal each other. We can heal ourselves. We can we can we can <3

Holler at me with any questions! <3 I can't wait to read you.