Poem #26/30: "Aspirations"

What did your mother say

When you were so little

That you sought out blue contacts

In the seventh grade?


Which boy obscured your gaze

with a wide eyed beauty, pink cheeks

calling her pale skin and freckles, perfection?


How long have you been standing in your reflection; wishing to be the goldfish eyed? To be able to crinkle your nose like a rabbit, when you smile? 


How long, wishing for hair so blonde it framed your face in golden halo? For a perfectly pointed nose? For pointed hips and long, lean legs? How long, wishing to be that  kind of princess? 


Sister, who do you see there now?

When is the last time you looked in the mirror and saw your own face / underneath the others /  you'll never be - 


Sister, what do you look like? 

What monster lives inside your head,

calling itself by your name?