Poem #24/30: "Notes from Hubble's Dream 2"


I love you with the violence of a brand new consciousness swarming, babbling incoherent, growing exponentially.

Which is to say: I love you like a big fat baby.

My love is the spectacle of whole galaxies crashing

or the disaster of a gentle nudge on a planets axis.

I love you tight rope precariously.


Everything about us is all and nothing,

a fucking disaster

a game of Hearts.


Lovers like us are destroyers of worlds.
Lovers like us make dward planets of hearts / not even a moon


Lovers like us: flammable, inflammable

Lovers like us: sweet kindling


We'll go out all boom and particle.
Start whole new Solar Systems! Organisms! Hadrons!

New Ecosystems! Immeasurable chances at life, & you+me


What I mean is: I'll find you. Always do

What I mean is: I miss you.
But you're still here.


I’m fading first, I’m sorry


I’ll meet you in the Star Field

Same place




Hubble's "Deep Field" - One of my favorite images, ever. Each cluster is a whole galaxy. Countless, immeasurable, so vast - and this is only within a 1x1 inch square of the night sky.