Poem #20/30: "The Universe is Woman"


I believe in a universe of hearts

It's boundaries expansive. It looks like a woman's body the free form and fold; the light and shadow. 

A woman's body softens. Welcome, she says. A life giving woman. Starmaker.

I've learned the hard way that this planet is sick with men; fortressed by their misdeeds, suffocating in their own significance.

But the sun takes pity, the stars cloak the adventurous / soothe the dreamers. This broken earth is male, but the Universe that cradles him is Woman. Whether he destroys himself or heals, she  holds him; will not intervene. Left to its own devices, the planet resets itself. 

I have a tendency to take in strays. This planet must be like the stray that keeps coming back and failing you; and coming back and coming back - as any dog to its master, tail tucked, ear torn, looking for a soft place to land, forgiveness for misdeeds undoable - routines learned too late to change  -

So the again Woman's body softens. Come here, she says. Rest. I will hold your destruction and redemption / rebirth recreation. Relax, I will hold you while you try again and again.