National Poetry Month

Aiight - gonna attempt the thirty/thirty [thirty poems in thirty days] for April's National Poetry Month. 

Ive never run a marathon. Never have I made a gym membership worth the cost. I'm bad at commitment (that's another story); and committing to a project that would benefit my writing, something that makes me feel passionately fulfilled (aka practicing self care) sounds particularly daunting/unappealing/nope nope nope. 

But this time of year is getting to be more and more difficult. 3/30 marks the anniversary of me moving out of my last home and relationship of five years. 4/1 is my birthday, which I NEVER feel good about. 4/2 is his birthday. Something has to change or I'll cave in. 

So, I am kicking off April with the National Poetry Month Challenge - write 30 poems in 30 days. That's one poem a day for you math people. I also spent those three heavy days on a three city poetry tour with three of my favorite poets (also another story - stay tuned!). A good kick off to the month, don't you think? 

I'll be posting my 30/30 challenge poems here. Follow along!