Poem #13/30: "I Love Men"

This one is for the double back before you drive away brothers, the act-like-they're-checking-their -phone until you're safely inside then wave goodbye brothers, the brothers that keep tabs on you when you ask them to, the graceful lovers that are gentleman when a girl doth need one and not just another fuckboy in the queue. This one is for the brothers who respect consent and agency and know the word friend. This one is for the humble brothers. The ones looking out, sight unseen (or not). This is for the need-no-credit brothers, the ones that say text me when you get home safe. and mean it. 

I'm wary; though, I love them so. I love women too, my sisters adopted my family chosen, my own form and kind, foremost queens. And yes, I love men - my D banner blowing (scuz the pun). There are the exceptions I disdain. But I love the whole broad shouldered, large handed, square jawed and furrowed browed species. Can't help it. So, when a man hurts me I feel betrayed by every other one. Is this the definition of patriarchy? 

I love your kind but not your unkindness. I risk my offering early - bare my admiration and trust you will not desecrate it. Hope that our difference in size and make will not deter your no bullshit real-love too. Your no games real talk love. And when one of you do, it's another mark against all of you. 

Still, I love men. Boys, silver foxes, my brothers and my lovers. So be kind, be gentle, simple and I'll love you the same; adore you whole heartedly - with no caveats no rules just warmth to warmth love , friend love, love love, human animal to animal love. Don't need you to save me. We'll take care of each other. Don't need you to save me. I'll take care of myself. 

I’ll wait right here. Text me when you get home safe.