APAture 2017: UNRAVEL

I went to the APAture opening reception last night and stood speechless and humbled by a gallery overflowing with incredible artists and talent and organizers and movers and shakers WHO LOOK LIKE ME —

I have much to process. Everyday I encounter new insight into the meaning of “home” and “community”; and the depth and vastness of that meaning. Last night brought out in me a rise and swell of emotion, pride, and another stride toward understanding not only who and what I am, am capable of, am held by; but also the strength of that net, the specificity of its creation and detail.

I am so proud. I am so humbled. I am so grateful for organizations like Kearny Street Workshop that create and keep alive spaces and platforms like APAture 2017: Unravel —

I’ve known home as a physical structure as well as an ever morphing, conceptual one. I’m still overwhelmed by the HOME I witnessed in all those faces at the reception last night. Home in eyes, hands celebration, recognition, uplift, camaraderie, joy —

Home is a vessel. Home is also a nod, a look, a knowing, an understanding — a Community, a Personhood, a Truth that cradles... Home is PEOPLE.

I am so cradled. Thank you Kearny Street Workshop, the APAture 2017 General Planning Committee, Jason Bayani (🙏🏼) for this opportunity. Thank you for believing in me. I will work hard to bring you my whole and my best ❤️

I cannot wait to meet the rest of the APAture Artists and encounter the showcases.

If you consider yourself a literary denizen of the Bay Area, I truly expect to see your faces at these events. If you are AN ORGANIZER, EDITOR, CURATOR, EDUCATOR - especially so.

There is SO MUCH important work being done here. And this is a crucial time to be encountering the many vantages of our experiences in this country.

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I believe in you. Y’all best fuxking believe in me, in US.



10/5 7-10pm LITERARY ARTS SHOWCASE (Arc Gallery & Studios) (Christine No reads here!)

10/7 6-9pm MUSIC SHOWCASE (f8)

10/12 7-10pm FILM SHOWCASE (Z Space)

10/15 1-4pm BOOK ARTS SHOWCASE (Arc Gallery & Studios)

10/21 2-4pm PERFORMING ARTS SHOWCASE (Asian Art Museum)

10/28 7-10pm CLOSING RECEPTION (Arc Gallery & Studios)