"Calling Out" & Compassion

Reminder: we are living in Trump Country, now.

The power, conviction and bravery one has to yield when participating in "call-out culture" is loving and admirable; but it also can be destructive. We've witnessed this first hand from our own Presidon't's tweets.

We are artists, writers, creators. We use our hearts AND our minds. We use our platform to represent, to show up for, to advocate; to tear down walls, not one another -

We move with compassion. We build safe spaces - in the world, on the page and canvas and screen, and even on the internet.

We use our voices and our words to stand up for others who don't have the same power or platform to be heard; not to further personal vendettas, tear down communities or to attack folks.

This is not a cry for censorship. Rather, I ask you to consider compassion: for those you are advocating for, but also compassion for the rest of us. Our words create worlds. If you're calling out, you are charging and demanding accountability; please lead with your own accountability. I ask that you act with truth and kindness as priority; not the destruction of someone else or a community; nor with an agenda fueled by not simply anger (bc anger is not a bad thing!), but hatred.

There is "calling-out" and there is accusation and condemnation. For those of us who come across blatant displays of the latter - I implore you to be Socratic. Think a second before you get swept up in negative groupthink echoing a single voice.

I know we are bigger than destructive banter. I know it's easy to be moved by words of great conviction. But please, don't forget compassion, don't forget story, don't forget that we create and are responsible for our safe spaces (and every-place that means).

Listen, the echo chamber is exactly what we should be fighting against.