Poem #23/30:  "Wishes, With Teeth" 

Treacherous stars pluck each

diamond replace them with teeth

Because nobody wishes on teeth

they fall like stars do, sure

but they grow back; and we don't want people hoping

on commodity / wishes that won't come true

Poem #22/30: "Skin & Veins & Window"

Against a window, the naked body reveals
Light and blood / Bone and guts
The scone you had for breakfast
The dappled, 
Inconsistent image 

Nonetheless drawn to window, waiting
For the next beam to illuminate, 
our molecules to dancing
leave brief shapes of us

You can see the yard
right through!

That we may exist as heat waves:
hazy miracle, the body mirage
up from concrete. We are particle, we are wave. 
We are smoke. We are breath 

Easy, the way
Clouds pass, their shadows brief. 
We are shade and burst. We are tree

Our simple bodies, red and blue superhighways
How the blood moves, so swift
No spill

Daisy chain of nerves and spine
root and vine under ribcage
bloom two bright lungs

I can see your heart, 
It shines open and closed
A lighthouse in your chest

Poem #21/30: "There Are No Rules, Just Kindness"

There Are No Rules, Just Kindness 

There are no rules
only kindness
the way you show me how
to enjoy the peeling
of a pomelo 

There are no rules
Only kindness with which
you delight in your senses: 
the smell of ground coffee, the
first juicy bite of guava 

The science of soft gestures
is not a real thing but you,
so bio-infectuous, are all
kindness and flaw - 

I think this is what they call empathy
(which there is a science for: behavioral) 
and you are some contagion
infecting us all.